Mary Jane Completes Specialized Training

Fishladder Inc. president Mary Jane Pories recently attended the Inscape Publishing JumpStart Business Workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The business-building and training session highlighted the newest online learning tools used to deliver insights about workplace relationships and achieve organizational effectiveness.

Mary Jane at JumpStart 2012

With the growing demand for online learning assessments, Inscape Publishing is continuing to attract independent business owners who are committed to delivering the latest tools in workplace performance development. “I commend Mary Jane for her commitment to bringing the latest learning tools to the marketplace,” said Jeffrey Sugerman, Inscape’s President and CEO. “Today’s workplace issues are varied, complex and challenging – these professionals are committed and equipped to helping the change happen throughout the entire organization.”

“Our high quality tools coupled with Mary Jane’s expertise in training and development will serve organization’s well. The need for skilled leaders in this industry has been leveraged with our training programs. We look forward to supporting Mary Jane’s business growth,” said Sugerman.

Inscape Publishing, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has the largest network of independent trainers and consultants in the world. They are the leading independent publisher of research-based self-assessments. Renowned as the world’s leader in DiSC learning resources, Inscape Publishing has helped over 40 million people improve performance, increase job satisfaction, and value differences.