We customize our workshops and retreats so you and your team are willing to take risks in a supportive, safe, and relaxed environment. If you learn something along the way, it’s your fault. We can’t help it that our events are crazy fun and build the skills. Don’t blame us that you leave energized with a practical approach to positive change.

Topics Include

A fresh approach building teams that work and have fun too. 

In today’s ever-changing business environment, a confident, agile workforce is critical. Our fresh approach supports your organization’s efforts to achieve a greater understanding, appreciation and utilization of the power of teamwork in the workplace.

Samplings of our offerings include:

  • Making The Most of Each Moment — Build relationships with customers and with each other, in decision-making, and in responding to change.
  • Everything DiSC Workplace — Gain understanding and appreciation of various work styles using this research-validated learning model to increase respect and build trust toward achieving organizational goals. You can read more about DiSC here.
  • Resisting Change: Forget About It — Start now by learning skills to work together and thrive in the midst of change.
  • Strengthening Culture in an Age of Change: Three Day Retreat — This three day retreat provides time to learn the skills, have the important conversations, and make a detailed action plan for change.

Plan, package, and practice messages audiences can’t forget and customers can’t resist.

Have fun planning, packing and practicing messages your audience can’t forget and your customers can’t resist.

Samplings of our offerings include:

  • Powerful Presentations — Learn the 6 steps to connect quickly and well with any audience.
  • Engaging Storytelling — Mesmerize your audience by delivering unforgettable stories that inform and persuade.
  • Thinking On Your Feet — Ever thought “I wish I’d said…”? Learn to switch gears at a moment’s notice and stay in control of the message.
  • Winning Facilitation — Create environments that get everyone to share insights, take risks, and make decisions so they step up and step out.
  • Customers Are Talking… Are You Listening? — Practice spontaneity, passion, humor, risk-taking, and customer focus by using a variety of improvisational exercises and sales vignettes.

Seasoned leaders gain new skills and emerging talent gains confidence ensuring you get the leaders you need.

Great leaders think on their feet, problem solve in the moment, make decisions with confidence, and inspire others to do the same. Our workshop design encourages self-awareness so leaders model best practices and shape the next generation of talent.

Samplings of our workshops include:

  • Authentic, Resilient Leadership in an Age of Change — Discover actionable ideas for creating a high performance culture ready to adapt to the moment and exceed customer expectations.
  • Collaborative Leadership — Increase ownership within the leadership team by equipping them with methods that work to build alignment, make decisions and take action.
  • Manage Your Talent — Using the Everything DiSC® Management profile and focusing on the special one-to-one relationship each manager has with individual reports, we equip managers to bring out the best in each employee through personalized learning.
  • Work of Leaders — Using the Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders® profile to help participants understand their own leadership behaviors, leaders clarify priorities, expose strengths, and identify individual action plans and challenges.
  • Living Leadership: Three Day Retreat — This three day retreat provides a deeper dive into the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile allowing leaders to reflect on how they approach the fundamentals of: Creating a Vision, building Alignment around that vision, and championing Execution of the vision.

Learn more about our work with DiSC.

Build empathy for internal and external customers and learn skills so you discover solutions that actually work.

The need: increased innovation. The problem: people don’t see themselves as creative. The solution: experiences that encourage behavior for actionable ideas.

Samplings of our offerings include:

  • Creativity: Make it A Habit — Sharpen skills that turn creative practices into default behaviors.
  • Make A Mess — Keep the patterns that work. Break and replace the ones that don’t.
  • Reduce Stress, Liberate Creativity — Apathy and burn out crush creativity. Reenergize your team by encouraging wellness and renew their creative spirit.
  • Too Many Ideas, Too Little Time — Take brainstorming to the next level and get all those great ideas off the whiteboard and into the workplace.

Find out more about Improv and Design Thinking by watching this video presentation by Mary Jane in Oxford, England.

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“Great workshop! Good atmosphere. These are concepts that can be applied to daily job.”

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