Fishladder, Inc. uses the same techniques and methodologies of improvisation that have been used in the world of music and theater for hundreds of years and tailors them to address all types of training needs. People who can talk, laugh, and dream together are more likely to be more efficient, provide better customer service, and remain loyal to the company.

Your organization is unique. So are your company culture, your team dynamics and your business challenges. We take all of this into account as we begin to design an effective program for you.

We know that the ability to adapt to change successfully is dependent on one’s ability to communicate effectively during the change. The use of applied improvisation results in a higher degree of awareness, understanding and behavioral change for the participants and the work culture.


The benefits of improvisational training include enabling your team to use these improvisational skills to initiate and manage change with creativity, spontaneity and confidence. These skills foster creative risk taking and team work, critical attributes for success in our highly volatile business environment.

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“Excellent workshop! Substance with humor. I will take the exercises, skills, and points back with me.”

“The relaxed and comfortable delivery (base of humor) put the group at ease and immediately enabled everyone to participate.”

“Mary Jane was awesome. Actually, I’m more enthusiastic about engaging with customers.”

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