From Revue Magazine: Fishladder and Gilda’s LaughFest

The Funny Issue of Revue Magazine (March 2012) features many articles about this year’s LaughFest, including the following about one of the places Mary Jane will be joining the fun. (Click here to read the article online, page 32 or continue reading here.)

Family Improv

Dog Story Theater
7 Jefferson Ave. SE, Grand Rapids
March 10 and 17, 11 a.m. FREE

This family friendly improv session for children packs a lot into a short amount of time. Grab granny, your cousins or neighbors and enjoy a basic overview of improvisation, a discussion on themes and characters, along with improv tools and a number of games to warm up for the big show. Kids laugh and play while learning how improv helps people be part of a team, think on their feet, and make choices and commit to those choices. “Kids realize, ‘Hey, I’m creative. I thought of that and people wanted to play and laughed at a choice I made.’ It builds confidence,” says Mary Jane Pories, president of Fishladder Inc. “There’s research that shows people who laugh together typically trust each other more and trust is a huge part of building relationships.” Consider it playtime with a built-in lesson plan.